Sunday, May 20, 2007

AKC @ Lynden Fair Grounds

Saturday was an adventure of great magnitude. Were I going through an identity crisis, it would have firmly reestablished my bearings on just what kind of person I truly am. A geek. Fortunately, my geek friend accompanied me. Cheers to Morgan, who used to raise and show sheep for 4H, and went just as nuts over the dogs as I did!

First dog of the day, a brown husky. I'm still debating the finer points of a gorgeous brown coat versus the overall chill effect of bright blue eyes on black and white. All the brown coated huskies we saw had brown eyes, so the creepy effect is definitely lost.

A cleaner version of Beethoven.

This is just as freaky now as when I took the photo.

A puli. This one had some serious energy issues (maybe it's inherent with the breed?) The following pictures are the ones I took while trying to capture the dog leaping through the air, dreds flying in all directions.

You can see its face in there.

Christ it had a lot of fur.

Someone botched the poor puppy's 'do.

A leonberger. The males get up to 150 lbs, and grow an actual mane. Giant dogs that don't slobber, are great with kids, and don't need excessive space to function (although obviously, something that size needs to be exercised.) Anyway, basically I fell in love and will own one of these someday.

So I'll never be a nature photographer. Whatever.

Cue to the corgis. I watched The Queen today, and that woman was surrounded by packs of corgis at all times. Looove.

Oh no! Now there are two of them!

Left to right, Irish Wolfhound, Bloodhound, English Foxhound, Whippet.

While watching some sort of show as a child, I was introduced to the Basenji (black dog). They don't shed. At all. Also, they bark very, very rarely. Point? They make excellent apartment dogs. So if this next school year becomes unbearable without a dog around (boy roommates, oddly enough, don't count), I'll be sneaking one of these into the home.

Gorgeous Saluki in the background. I wonder if an English Foxhound is like a giant Beagle. Training it would be horrifying.

Another Basenji photo, which that woman's horrible maroon pantsuit ruined.

Check out the giant Borzoi on the right. Huuuge dogs.


The Irish Wolfhound. I love monster dogs.

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