Saturday, September 30, 2006

I have awesome pigtails.

SO very bored today. Listening to Guster and the Pale on repeat, trying to do economics and accounting homework. Oh God. It's so dull and repetitive. Thinking of doing another rum 'n coke 'n porch night, although also considering how to make hot rum toddies seeing as the weather has been progressively colder in just the last 4 days. Guess it depends if Dan ever calls back, might just get drunk with Irene and forgo any pretentions to class.

Sad thing is, I've only been up for 6 hours. Sleeping in that late is gross. Time to set an alarm for the weekends, too.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Please, Baby Please

Ohh my lord. This night has to be reported. I have officially found the coolest underground Bellingham hippie connection. It's called Sushi Night. The most hippy of the hippies get together once a week to make amazing sushi, then sit around and drink beers, smoke pot, play the drums and flutes and guitars and dance. Shoeless Dave led is all in a round of Cohen's "Hallelujah". This awesome guy Clay with dreds stood in the middle of the lawn and did some sort of fire dance, where you swing two flaming balls on chains around. His pants caught on fire and he didn't stop for a second.

Now, naturally, I was too awed and shy to really meet anybody, but if Irene and Tiana are making a ritual of this, I'll be sure to invite myself along. -- They have Om nights when they sit in a circle, hold hands, and tell each other about their feelings and thoughts and theories, then they join each other in a loud "om". God I wish I still believed I could be a hippy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Home internet is up and running!!

Now we just have to get the hot water back, and everything's gravy.

I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

I feel like talking.
Without you here,
There is less to say.

Oh Garden State soundtrack. I thought I'd lost it, and was pleasantly surprised when one of the songs came on through shuffle. So here I am, practicing Zen while waiting for my next class (1.5 hours from now.) I really do love my new mp3 player; I always get a confused look when I refer to is as my Zen, and it's nice to have a moment before admitting I've embraced consumerism. (I just saw my husband walk through the library. He didn't even look at me. I'm going to complain to Prof. Hugo about it.)

Elaina's been bragging about her new true-hippy music tastes, and nagging me about how I didn't introduce them to her. Sweetie, the mellow stuff that I've embraced came after an overdose of Marley and Zeppelin and the Stones while I was in high school. Good people, though, and I'm glad you're so excited about them.

Which reminds me. I need to look up Reverend Horton Heat, I've been hearing him mentioned and seeing reminders in ads and websites for the last 2 months.

Anyway, must talk to Jessica on the phone now and tell her how fishing went last night. (I went fishing last night!)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Brought to you by a laptop and a retro couch

It's so rare that I log in to Blogger from a different computer that it takes at least 5 tries before I get the right password. Today, I got it on the second try. Go me!

Was visiting BoingBoing today, and came across this. Figured I had to share it. Related yet unrelated, I'm thinking of going to Chile instead of Spain. Hell, if I want to move there, shouldn't I go and visit first? Of course, if I go to Spain, I can stay on for the summer and travel around Europe.

Also, I've been staring at the cover of Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood for a while, and I've decided that I want to be a full-blooded japanese beauty, with angled features and wide eyes. Although, seeing as the plastic surgery for this would cost more than I'll earn in my lifetime, I'll settle for being immortalized as an anime character.

Well, shit. I knew the Dead Sea Scrolls were coming to Seattle soon, but it turns out they just arrived yesterday. That was sooner than I thought. Since they go away in December, I might just have to borrow Brent's car for a day and go down to see them. Also, Femke Hiemstra is having a show in Seattle in the spring. Orrr in Vancouver - MARCH 8 & 9, 2007: 'Ladies only' art show, visual art by intermational female artists at the Tart Gallery, #C8-238 E. 10th Ave, Vancouver, Canada Jessica, where are you?? I know you'd be up to these road trips at the drop of a hat. Goal for the year: Find unabashed lover of all things wonderful with too much free time, and maybe a car.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I'm killing time. Three hours from now I'll head to the train station, 7 hours from now Brent will pick me up and take me home. From there, who knows? But right now I'm going mad with boredom, drinking too much Diet Coke, and trying to be patient with my oh-so-tiny music selection.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Someone called my mom this evening. I guess she didn't like what they had to say. She came out of the computer room muttering, "What a stupid bitch..." This marks a new holiday, folks! First time I've ever heard my mom swear!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

But I'm leaving in 3 days!

Early yesterday afternoon I noticed that our garage had a faint skunk odor. I like the smell of skunks (in small doses), so I was fine with it. Well. It looks like Mr. Skunk decided to take up residence under my window, because all night I long dreamt of the smell. Then around 3 am I woke up to realize that the smell was everywhere in my room. I shut my window, but the damage has been done. My room/the whole house reeks and there's no way to air it out. Ugh. Stupid skunk.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I've been saying "yar" in my head a lot lately.

five more days can barely wait it's so exciting! can't wait to see irene and seth again, can't wait to play raquetball with ben, can't wait to take beautiful photos of nick by the ocean.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wishing I'd bought that Thievery Corporation poster

While wandering the house and thinking of different topics I'd want to write about, I came to a realization. Late-night posts are not healthy. Every idea that popped into my head was one of self-analysis coupled with self-pity. Not wanting to get into that kind of rut, I've decided that tonight's post will (hopefully) be the last of the latenight variety.

I'm Totally Not Down With Rob's Alien

Once again, it's getting super late (early?) and I have to work in 5 hours.

So this evening my dad took me down to Tacoma to the shooting range. We both shot my grandpa's revolver at a blue target, taking turns to get groupings in a specific body part. I did best while aiming for the stomach, while he showed me up with almost perfect aim every time. I'm hanging the target on my door at school as a memento. I'm hoping I can get him to take me out and use the rifle before I go. Considering I have a little more than a week left, though... Who knows?

GOD, this week seems like it's going to take forever. Made an appointment with the doctor to check out the bump on my foot. Baked snickerdoodles and ate a pineapple. Watched a 5-hour movie. Reading books and cleaning room and in general just trying to find a way to pass the time, now that my hours have been cut back at work and my parents like to steal the van from me. Why did everyone have to go back to school already? Why does Western start at the END of September? I'm going to fade away into a mist of boredom and depression, everyone will forget I ever existed, and I'll just float about the South Sound for all eternity, searching for some excitement.

On another note, Bumbershoot was absolutely fantastic and I think it's just the jolt from OHSOMUCH to absolutelynothing that's got me into this cabin-fever craze.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

listening to Rilo Kiley without hearing words

Note to self: Steer clear of for a few years, otherwise may end up with an adorable puppy and no time to take care of it.

Not sure what to do today. Considering sticking up the library to find address of person holding my books hostage (ie, got there first and checked them out). Mom's sick and doesn't want to go to Seattle. Disappointed. Maybe I'll spend more money and go buy the Collector's Edition of BBC's Pride and Prejudice. Which reminds me, I was going to google images of Jennifer Ehle. ... Googled Jennifer Ehle, and I'm disappointed. Maybe I should leave actresses I've never heard of in their movie-roles, as seeing them out of character ruins the whole effect. Although this also increases my urge to buy previously mentioned movie.

'Course, driving away means I'd have to wax the van first. Do you have any idea how big that thing is?? I guess I'm willing to do it. Maybe I could get a couple bucks for the job, too.

First things first. Put clothes on, dry hair.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Shut Up Already

To all of you getting the wrong impression: I'm sorry.

All my posts seem to be about how unhappy and stressed I am. Truth is, while this summer has been eventless to the point of being completely immemorable, I'm loving it. Today I drove to Jessica's bookstore in Tacoma and bought 6 books for $30. The place looks small-ish on the outside, then you walk in and it's like that bookstore across the street from Michael's in Bellingham. (Why is it that I can't remember the name of the bookstore I worship, but can vividly recall the name of the bookstore I disdain?) Except Tacoma Books is way more packed, the shelves so close together that taking a step back to read the top shelves places you firmly pressed against the shelf behind you.

The drive, too, was fantastic. I'm going to miss having a car terribly, seeing as my moments of zen come from driving with the window down and music blasting at all hours of the morning/afternoon/night.

My last day of swim lessons was today. Received a $25 gift card to Safeway that I would have felt lackluster about last year. I hugged both the kids with joy, because now, I can go grocery shopping! $25 is like 7 boxes of cereal! Or 6 12-packs of Diet Coke! Or a bunch of pineapples! I am so excited to use it.

Papa Erola called around noon and told me he wants to push back my moving day to Sunday, the 17th. Even one more day seems like an eternity. The 14th is my last day at work, and I'd planned it so I'd only have enough time to furiously pack, and I'd be in Bellingham before I'd know what happened. Oh well. I suppose my grandma's more important. Maybe I can get her to help me pack.