Monday, October 29, 2007

Things Not to Do in a Hostel

Wait, what, really?!

I guess bike porn came from a legitimate interest.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Feist is not acceptably quotable in entry titles

Well loves, looks like I'm updating a bit more than usual today. Guess it's all this downtime mixed with procrastination I'm doing.

I'm coming up on a killer management test in the next 30 minutes. I feel decently confidant. The poor Japanese students, though, I don't think they realize just how fucked they are by taking Olsen. They walk out after the break every day - not smart!!!

Brag time. I got a 96% on my freshman level anthropology midterm. Wait, is it not bragging if anyone with half a brain could have done the same?

More day-in-the-life-of quotes:

Me: Come on Chelsea, stop picking at your cuticles.
Nick: Do you really talk to yourself using your first name?

Ran into Lady Rumble in the coffeehouse today. I don't think... nope, she and I haven't been drinking together since freshman year. Which is a downright shame.

This Break Between Work and Class Kills Me

1) I can be very critical of Bollywood, thanks. The dialogue is ridiculously cliche (thanks blogger for not recognizing the d. and c. words I just used!), the plots are painfully dull, and yes, the entire point of the movie is to show off how well the actors dance and how pretty they look in as many outfits as the budgets will allow. Also, the hit music that comes out of the films is incredibly repetitive, with just one line (Fanah, Chaiyya Chaiyya, Kajra Re, etc.) repeated ad nauseum until 5 minutes go by and the song ends.

But that doesn't stop me from loving it!

(I also just spent about 15 minutes watching all those songs I just listed on YouTube.)

2) The month of November is a fabulous time to take on challenges (according to the Internet). Last year I participated in NaBloPoMo. That was a pain in the ass because I never had anything to say - kind of the same reason why I didn't try to write a novel (see: NaNoWriMo). I ended up writing things like "I think my brother's friend is cute. I also have a test tomorrow." Blech, boring. So this November I will be following along with Matthew Baldwin's NaNoReMo. "We" are reading Catch-22, which I loved, and I figure reading it will be far better than devoting hours a day to japanese soaps (one more episode and I'll be done with Kimi wa Petto!) If you're at all interested, the reading guide can be found here.

Dreaming is Free

Last night was a dream-o-rama! The first, in which I got in a fight with a woman at Target over a pair of pants on sale. The bitch attacked, I was shocked, the po' stepped in and I got the jeans.

The other was a legitimate zombie apocalypse survival guide. My mother, brother and I piled up shotguns and water, tied the horses up out front to attract the nasty z-hizzle's attention, and settled in on the roof for a long wait.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Recent Conversations

Discussing the night before:
Brent: I was super drunk. I was drinking vodka, and playing beer pong, and then someone decided to get me high! There was no way I knew what I was doing.
Jen: That's how date rape happens!

Earlier today:
Nick: I've noticed you've been wearing a lot of pumpkin colors lately.
Me: That's because I wore this shirt yesterday.
Nick: Oh.

In Anthropology:
Random dude: So, easiest test ever, right?
Me: I hope so, I only studied for 20 minutes!
Random dude: Yeah, 11:30 rolled around, I thought I'd get started, but I decided to watch Harry Potter instead.
Me: It was the Japanese soap operas that did me in.
Random dude: I love those! And Passions.

Twenty minutes until Business Law... Mondays and Wednesdays suck. Eight hours of campus time in one day is never acceptable.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"As he was sentenced, Father Von Wernich showed no emotion. Protesters torched his effigy outside the court." -- News from Argentina

Can't wait to study in a country that really knows how to party!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Yeahhh Fixie

"For men, the bikes present another challenge: Because riders can't stand up in the saddle to coast, long rides can result in reduced blood flow to the reproductive organs, which studies suggest may lead to impotence." -- San Diego News

Other ways to entertain yourself in class:

"...We have located the enemy fleet under the command of Admiral KompĆ¼ter, but do not yet have visual contact. We suggest the best course of action is to fire at random into their vicinity and listen for the impact of the shells...

...Our intelligence sources indicate the composition of the enemy fleet is the same as our own, and has likewise been forced to resort to the same tactics as ourselves. In accordance with the rules of war, fire will be exchanged one shell at a time and vessels lost will be announced immediately...

...As per your orders you have been placed directly in command of the fleet's guns. Select the target location by clicking in the left-hand grid above. The right hand grid shows the status of our own fleet. Information as to the remaining strength of the enemy will be relayed directly to your status bar...

...We believe this battle will not be over until one or other fleet is sunk in it's entirety. Our gunners await your commands. We're counting on you, Sir..."