Thursday, December 29, 2005

Priority #1: Find another plasma-donating carpool, or talk to Aaron about his schedule next quarter, or figure out a definite way to get home from Biolife via bus. Whatever happens, MUST DONATE twice a week, regularly, unless sick. Don't donate while sick again. Very stupid idea.

Priority #2: If bus is the only answer, buy a bus pass.

Priority #3: Eat healthy. Take vitamins. Need to keep up iron and protein levels so donating twice a week doesn't kill me.

Priority #4: Stay on top of classes. Study for spanish this time. Do Quia when it's assigned. Read books constantly. 17 credits isn't impossible, but when I actually want to learn, not just pass, it might be a little more difficult.

Other Things to Do:

use the rec center at least twice a week.
go to late night as much as possible.
read The Secret Garden.
try to go downtown once a week. find someone interested in poetry night at Fantasia.
see Brent more often.
get email addresses of people I like. start up some kind of regular correspondence with people I tend to forget about.
think about getting a job in Bellingham.
clean the kitchen and bathroom. vacuum stairs and every other carpeted surface in the house. throw out the trash.
invest in a giant crate of satsumas.
finish Catch-22 before going back to school. come on, 16 pages really shouldn't be this hard!!
call Tom, Tommy, Jessica, Sam, and Jamie today. bowling night!
figure out plans for New Years.
figure out how to use torrents. again. stick with it this time. create a music library that will make RJ cry, and not in the bad way.

take a shower, because I'm off work for the next two hours!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Highway to the Danger Zone!

My tummy hurts, I'm cold, and RJ is eating food next to me and hasn't offered me any yet. I wanted to build a gingerbread house and he shot me down, said he was too broke to buy supplies, but I looked in his wallet. He lied. He has more money than the Sultan of Saudi Arabia. Does Saudi Arabia have a Sultan? I don't know. Oh well. Really this is all just an excuse to type on his laptop, because his laptop's keyboard is ten million times better than my mom's. I haven't typed on a keyboard this nice since I left school weeks ago. I miss my computer.

Pizza in the Morning

I had one of my recurring dreams last night. I heard somewhere that girls tend to have dreams that take place indoors, while boys have outdoor dreams. All of my recurring dreams are outdoor dreams. What does this say about me? I have no idea. I'll just blame it on having two older brothers, like I always do.
So yes, this dream is a repeat. But it was more intricate than any of the previous ones. All of it seemed familiar, but I can remember more of it. That's the important part. Usually it's just a feeling of weightlessness and wind. This time I actually remember why.
It starts out with me reading a book. Duh. It was called "Mai Lai Warrior" or something like that. Everything that happens next is like a movie of what I'm reading. There's this warrior, and he's going from town to town with this 8 year old boy, trying to find his parents. He eventually comes across his old home, and runs into a pretty doctor who he remembers from his childhood. Aww, love. She takes the boy from him, and there's serious talk between them of all the burnings and pillagings going on in the country. The warrior is hesitant, he doesn't want to get caught up in it all. Later, he's playing with some of the village children, including the boy he brought with him. The boy is happier now, glad to have a home, but now he's brave. He wants to be a big bad warrior too! So the warrior is showing the village kids how to have sword fights with sticks, and they're running all over the place, and they finally come to the edge of the town to this clearing in front of The Forbidden Woods (duh duh duuhhh!). All the kids freak out a little bit, but the warrior is thoughtful. He remembers how he was attacked as a small child near here. Remembers how he was carried off, how the burners and pillagers are probably living on the other side of these woods. So right then and there, he decides he's going to go after them. The little boy wants to come along - our hero says no. So responsible. Then suddenly! Out of nowhere our hero is joined by another man, wearing a mask, who the children are skittish around. He's the protector of this town. He tells our warrior that he's going with him, since he'll probably need help. Looking down at the kid, you can tell he's thinking "Help that will actually be help." So the warrior agrees, and off they go.
This is where the good part starts! This is what I always remember. They're climbing a steep hill, holding onto tree branches and roots to get to the top. At the top is a trail, and they start running. There's lots of running on this trail. They pass trees and bushes and small clearings and suddenly, they reach a wide open sunny space along the ocean. They keep running. Right before heading back into the woods, the warrior looks back, and I can see from his perspective. The grass is in sync with the ocean, the wind pushing it in waves as a continuance of the water crashing onto the beach. The sky is clear and bright blue, a falcon dives, and this feeling of hope and happiness is so strong that my chest hurts.
Now what's funny about this? This morning I didn't really want to get up, so when Chanel called I was very rude to her on the phone. I hung up and reset my alarm so I'd get another hour of sleep. I had this dream, and then I dreamed that I woke up, RJ was there, we both started drinking his apple vodka, I went off to work and updated my blog. It weird. I'll probably be having deja vu all day because of it. Anyway, I figure I have to put up everything I wrote in my dream, so here's the last bit.
My boyfriend likes to drink.
And I like him because he does.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Because Food is Life

There are many highlights to my day, but I think the best one so far has been the food. For breakfast there were crackers with salami and cheese. Yes, I have been eating this for days in a row for weeks on end, and no, I am not sick of it yet. The same goes for cinnamon-raisin english muffins with cream cheese, which I had two of. Sure, this all doesn't exactly fit into the food pyramid, but come on! It's the Christmas season! It's time to let go and eat.... well... the same foods I always do. But in larger quantities!!

Yesterday, my grandmother complained loudly and consistently about how she "went wrong" while raising her kids. Yes, my father and uncle have failed her by not producing a minister. In fact, I think they've turned her expectations completely around and now, instead of making her friends jealous during their regular gossip sessions, where they compare whose kids love the lord the most, my grandmother now has to sit still, keep her trap shut, and hope someone changes the subject to spouses and their lingering deaths soon. Because on that subject, hell, that old lady can outdo anyone.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

I now qualify as "New Money"

Mark this day on your calendars, folks. Not only have RJ and I made it through a whole month together (yeah, I couldn't help it.) but today I found my first winning scratch ticket! Well no, that's a lie. There were a few illegal attempts made in junior high, when Tuey and I would buy the 1$ tickets and win 2$. But her mom never cashed them in, and besides, we weren't 18. It just doesn't count. This ticket today, though, this one was special. The hype leading up to the purchase was so thick, I want to use the old "cut it with a knife" metaphor. But I won't. Just imagine me being really really excited and impatient. RJ and I pooled our money to purchase one of those 3$ Uno scratch tickets. First because the 3$ ones are more likely to win, and second because come on! Uno! That game devoured every semi-quiet moment of our summer. Now, can you guess what that boy pulled when that hot shit ticket came sliding out of the machine?? That's right. He took it and HID IT. I had to wait something like 20 minutes before I could scratch that sucker.
By the way, I ran into Aaron Borth and his girlfriend while we were at Fred Meyer. It was weird seeing him again. It sank home this feeling I've been getting lately, a nostalgia for the old days. I never thought the old days were all that great before, and I know what I have right now is far better. And yet I miss the boys from junior high, the two-week sleepovers with Tuey, the parties at Chanel's condo.
Anyway, the scratch ticket. The suspense was ridiculous. We almost won $300! We only needed a G8 and a B4. Instead, we made a last-minute profit of 2$ when we scored the five dollar slot!
We're not sure where the money should go. One paid admission to Zoolights, the other person paying in spare change? Or take our chances with a Lucky for Life ticket?! Can you imagine how sweet winning Lucky for Life would be? Starbucks every day, that's for sure. And a new assortment of German facial cleansers and creams, the kind Frans's cousin introduced me to at the spa. Oh, and soap! Who could forget bar soap?? Bar soap is amazing. It cleans all the little nooks and crannys of your body, you can suds it up and lather your legs to shave, and in the rare moment when your shower starts to get boring, one tight squeeze and it's crazy soap-flying foot-slipping crashing fun! Forget textbooks, forget clothes, forget music and books.. I'm buying soap with my Christmas money.
Speaking of Christmas. Gratuitous happy holiday wishings to all of you who still read this. I'm thinking of asking for a roll call, but I'm afraid only Ben and RJ are left. Oh well. Merry Christmas you two!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am a lazy girl...

...Who doesn't want to get out of bed until 1 in the afternoon, and don't sub for my friends at work so I can do nothing all day. I think yogurt should have crunchy things in it. Pickles are so yummy. I want to go bowling tonight. I'm just now showering and it's 4:30. I'm so lazy.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Eyelash Fights and Cold Cold Noses

Yesterday was the best day I've had in the last two weeks. It was my first day back home, so naturally I went up to Seattle. Oh, the boy. He's amazing. Being best friends and all, there's no shame between us. Things like, oh, fruit snack fights and annoying each other by singing Venga Boys and My Humps. We watched a shameful amount of TV, but what can you really do to keep warm in a freezing cold frat house besides drink, or huddle under a blanket and watch Futurama? (Don't answer that, yes I know there's another option in there too.) Anyway, throughout the day I caught onto the fact that the boy has spent far too much money on me for Christmas, and now I need to rethink what I was going to give him. Any ideas for cheap (the more free it is, the better) yet meaningful and heartwarming gifts would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE. HELP ME.

Monday, December 05, 2005

I Feel Like Sharing

So, there's this guy in Australia who was on trial for robbing a bank. His name was Rob Banks. He was found guilty. Out of curiosity, the judge tried the guy again, with a different jury, under a different name. He was found innocent.

My cousin's boyfriend's friend knows a girl who had no social security number until she went to college. She was birthed by a midwife, who forgot to file the right papers. She never had a job. She never got a liscense. She never left the country. Come schooling time, she decided, "Hmm, maybe having a social security number is a good idea."

My cousin's boyfriend's friend's roommate's dad owns Dick's fast food chain.

Matt's girlfriend's cousin's coworker's brother-in-law's family owns the mansion in Stephen King's Rose Red.

I have an incredible boyfriend. He's smart, gorgeous, funny, and drives like a wrecking ball. He's incredibly thoughtful - he remembered my half birthday before I did. Most importantly, he's got endless patience for when I forget things like his birthday, the time we watched Boobah together, the time we got engaged, the time we first heard the Brunettes together, and that one time he downloaded porn and watched it on November 28th (hah!). He also knows that I'll eventually forget everything else we've ever done together, including the time we started dating. And he doesn't mind.

The best part of everything in my life is that I get to sleep with my best friend.

When Elaina and I are eighty years old, we're still going to be walking around the cities together, arm in arm. And when we get into conversations with strangers, we'll find a way to put in the phrase, "We're walking around aimlessly!" and then burst into uncontrollable cackles, which will probably cause Elaina's hip to break and put me in the hospital with pneumonia.

Someday, I'll learn to cook curry. Then I'll eat indian food every night of my life, until my sweat smells like curry powder and parsley.