Monday, December 22, 2008

We Get On

After the snow started on Thursday, I dug up my library cards and started searching the internet catalogs. I've been keeping book lists for ages now, but between school, then summer, then being in Mexico (excuses all, I know) it feels like that last time I actually sat down for a good hard read (besides textbooks) was all the way back during.. surprise surprise... last Winter Break. I'm exercising a muscle that hasn't been used much - I read slower than I used to, although you could say I'm savoring the writing. Sentences, whole paragraphs will rush past in a frighteningly similar manner as my old Global Business textbook, and this time I want to know. But even if it's slower going, I'm enjoying myself. It's nice to spend an evening indoors cuddled up with a mug of cocoa. Plus I got my van stuck in the driveway coming home tonight, and I'm waiting until tomorrow to try and dig it out.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Welcome Home!

Coming home was like leaning back into a steaming hot raspberry-scented bubble bath. My mom picked me up at the airport with a handful of balloons, and from there everything just moved perfectly. Dinner with the parents, Scott bursting with nerdy information to share with me when I got home, a bed covered in piles of blankets. The new house is incredible - it winds around and has new rooms hidden in every corner, with an intercom system to keep track of the other people in the house (Scott refers to it as the Windsor Palace.) Today I drove the van all over the Tacoma-Federal Way area, visiting my grandmother and stopping by the old house, then getting lost trying to find my way home again. I've unpacked the better part of my book collection, and left everything else in boxes that will probably be ignored until summer.

Anyway, the point of all this was to share an email I got today, which really drove home the fact that I'm back where I want to be. This is from Thor, my Monsters professor:

"... I have attached a picture that somehow, to me, captures the essence of this course. Have a good holiday and don't worry about getting ready for the new quarter; there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for this course."