Friday, July 25, 2008

Current Events

Sometimes I like to catch up on the most obvious forms of corruption and deceit in our country. When the mood strikes, I turn to Don't Tase Me, Bro. Often, and tonight is no exception, by the time I reach the fifth or sixth entry, I'm ready to puke, hide my head under my pillow, or attempt to erase the entire reading from my mind. It's a challenge to confront those feelings, recognize what they say about my country, and try to reevaluate my opinions. While the experience is never enjoyable, I keep the website readily available. Reading about these dealings is the only way I can claim to be educated and informed. I can't back up my side of an argument without evidence, no matter how sick I may feel about researching it.


Anonymous said...

whats up? quit trying to be so dramatic and just enjoy your life!!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry me again, I know that you're life can seem complicated at times, things are never as bad as they seem and you should try to look ahead instead of back, ya know?