Monday, December 22, 2008

We Get On

After the snow started on Thursday, I dug up my library cards and started searching the internet catalogs. I've been keeping book lists for ages now, but between school, then summer, then being in Mexico (excuses all, I know) it feels like that last time I actually sat down for a good hard read (besides textbooks) was all the way back during.. surprise surprise... last Winter Break. I'm exercising a muscle that hasn't been used much - I read slower than I used to, although you could say I'm savoring the writing. Sentences, whole paragraphs will rush past in a frighteningly similar manner as my old Global Business textbook, and this time I want to know. But even if it's slower going, I'm enjoying myself. It's nice to spend an evening indoors cuddled up with a mug of cocoa. Plus I got my van stuck in the driveway coming home tonight, and I'm waiting until tomorrow to try and dig it out.

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