Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I've been doing a lot of impulse shopping lately. This is bad! I don't have the money to be impulse shopping, not at all, not in any stretch of the imagination. But that hasn't been stopping me. I look at the cute Target top and think "Well, if I don't have enough money three weeks from now, I can always ask my parents..." BAD CHELSEA. That is not at all the way parental trust and independence and responsibility work.
On the plus side, I have this top that is so incredibly cute and perfect in every way! It matches several sweaters that I'd previously been scratching my head about what to pair them with. And couple with some new pants, voila! An entirely new outfit! I broke it out today and spent the whole day thinking about how awesome I looked. If every day worked like this, I'd be conquering the Western Hemispheres and heading toward Europe any day now.
So here's the problem: this outfit, for all its cuteness, makes my feet cold. There's just no possible way I can fit socks and tennis shoes into the plan. It's cold and raining outside now, and I've had my feet stuck to my space heater for the last 20 minutes. I'm supposed to be leaving for the bars any minute now, and just the thought of going out there... I don't want to do it. I want to put on my wool socks and dream about Mexican beaches.
There's no hope, though. I think I'll just have to tough it out tonight. Maybe one of the bars will be serendipitously converted to a sauna, just for kicks.

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