Tuesday, July 26, 2005

i just can't get enough sand down my shorts.

green river is my new home.

we spent 3 hours floating down the river, fighting rapids and tipping each other's tubes. we climbed the impossible log jam, i lost my favorite pair of flip flops, chanel got burned to a nice lobster color, and tom's ass was dragging on the bottom half the time. and don't let me forget how i hit a tree branch and flipped over, or the afro duck club. tom's nipples turned white, and chanel swears she'll never float that long again. honestly, i think we just need to start earlier than 5.

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Jon Gardner said...

I saw you yesterday! And you saw me! You looked cool, but I had enchiladas. I also kind of hoped that you were going to come back around, but unfortunately that did not happen. Oh well, we cannot always get what we want.