Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just One More Moondance

Elaina made me smile today. She went to get her hair cut, and when the hairdresser commented on its choppiness, she said "I let my little cousin cut it."

Today, right before deciding to head back to the dorm, I came down with the ever-dreaded low blood sugar tremors. After a quick stop by the VC for a late night sandwich, I commenced with the walking. And realized I left my keys to the dorm on my desk, at the same time my cell phone died mid-conversation with my mother. Fortunately, fate is on my side today. Someone was going into the dorm the very moment I walked up.

Other fateful things today. The homework I did before class was the wrong assignment (tonight's), but I finished the real one a mere 15 minutes after class. I now have nothing due until Thursday, supposedly. Also, Ryan's house is amazing. Lovely. Small yet perfect. I can't wait until September now, because I am going to looove my last year at Western (last two quarters? Spain, I hope so!!)

That's about it, though. If I don't get completely stressed out and fall apart mid-quarter, I'll be surprised.

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