Saturday, April 01, 2006

No Pants Saturdays

Yesterday went by in a blur. I believe it was late Wednesday night I decided to call up a random stranger for a last-minute ride to Seattle. Friday morning I got up after about 5 hours of sleep to take a world record breaking Long Shower. It felt good, although I almost fell asleep a few times and only had maybe 45 minutes to get dressed, dry hair, and eat before class. I'd planned on giving myself 2 hours.

Maybe it's a little weird for other people to read about me and my hopeful friends, but oh well. There's this guy in my human geography and spanish classes, so we walk from one to the next together. After 2 quarters of this class with the same people, I'm finally making another friend besides Lauren.

But after Spanish I had to rush back to the dorm to pack, so I missed the first actual meeting of the Breakfast Lunch Club. Maybe Brunch Club would be easier, but then you miss the reference to the classic 80's movie that we're trying to imitate.

The whole ride to Bellevue was awkward. The girl I'd talked into giving me a ride fell asleep almost immediately, so I got to talk to her mom about swimming and working at the pool for two hours. Yeah... At one point while mentally going over how I'd get from Bellevue to Seattle, and what I'd do for four hours, I realized: William! That guy lives in Bellevue! (Turns out that he actually lives in Redmond now -- it's been so long since we've talked that I had no idea.) He picked me up and off we went to see Failure to Launch. And Elaina was right. That movie is hilarious! It's a chick flick, yes, but the supporting characters are what makes it memorable. Zooey what's-her-face plays an acoholic with a bird problem. ... Anyway. William and I had Pepsi and Pizza Rolls and some of his mom's homemade gingersnaps. We talked about his tendency to fall in love with girls after meeting them once and how his car is now a death trap.

Once I got to Seattle, there was one last Big Thing before I met up with the boy. While standing around looking for him, I saw Aaron Borth. Yes, Aaron! The big lanky kid I used to hang out with for days and days on end during junior high! I got a big ol' hug from him and waved good-bye, since neither of us had much time to actually talk.

And then there's the frat. RJ says "sure, it was a party," but only because there were a lot of girls around. I figure, if they make t-shirts for the event, it's a party. Which means that the entire last week has just been one long beer party. We ate steaks and chocolate chip cookie bars and drank free beer. We played caps and fooseball and sat around in a hugely overcrowded hottub before stuffing ourselves with ranch pizzas and holing up in the room for the rest of the night. And by holing up I mean passing out while RJ played video games.

Awesome Friday, no? This weekend was a great idea.

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