Thursday, September 28, 2006

Please, Baby Please

Ohh my lord. This night has to be reported. I have officially found the coolest underground Bellingham hippie connection. It's called Sushi Night. The most hippy of the hippies get together once a week to make amazing sushi, then sit around and drink beers, smoke pot, play the drums and flutes and guitars and dance. Shoeless Dave led is all in a round of Cohen's "Hallelujah". This awesome guy Clay with dreds stood in the middle of the lawn and did some sort of fire dance, where you swing two flaming balls on chains around. His pants caught on fire and he didn't stop for a second.

Now, naturally, I was too awed and shy to really meet anybody, but if Irene and Tiana are making a ritual of this, I'll be sure to invite myself along. -- They have Om nights when they sit in a circle, hold hands, and tell each other about their feelings and thoughts and theories, then they join each other in a loud "om". God I wish I still believed I could be a hippy.

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