Monday, August 27, 2007


Apologies for my verrrry long absence. I thought I might update while in Peru, but that didn't happen. Things back at home have been a bit hectic. Before I left, I lost all my mp3's and movies and such on my external hard drive, and now that I'm back I've killed my laptop battery and have to wait until Thursday or so before I can even use my computer again. So I haven't really been bumming around the Internets lately.

I have, however, been trying to catch up with all the scattered acquaintances I have around the country (and world). Here in Federal Way, I'm limiting myself to brothers and Chanel, but my phone and email have been seeing quite a bit of use.

Some current events that may or may not interest you: I was not bothered by the earthquake in Lima. I was lying in a hammock, reading a book, and had no idea until the next morning. Yesterday I watched some BMX racing and later drank raspberry vodka with pink lemonade while lazing on the couch with Dirty Dancing and Chanel. Today I returned my headlamp to REI. I broke it three days after arriving in Peru (or rather, it broke itself). The rubber button came undone and I spent three weeks walking around with a pencil in my pocket so I could turn it on and off as needed. Today I switched it for one with a less breakable button. I'm not wearing it now, but I was earlier.

As far as I know, the postcards I sent out 1 week after arriving in Peru have still not arrived. The Peruvian postal service is clearly not my #1 favorite government service.

Speaking of things that are not my favorite, Coke. Peru is the only country in the world that out-sells Coke products, that national favorite being Inca Cola. Coca Cola bought them out a few years ago, didn't change anything about the brand, and tried very very hard not to let the news make headlines. Peruvians are essentially unaware. Oh, and Inca Cola tastes like bubble gum.

While digging through the laundry closet today in hopeful search of a bandanna, I found a secret stash on aprons. One is light green and checkered. Another is black and says "Fabulous Fifties". Another is brown and says "Don't Forget Who's Boss". The final one has sheep on the bosom and a little pocket with another sheep on the skirt. I'm going to take them all with me to Bellingham and hope my mother never notices.

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