Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bikes and Boxes

Yesterday was a hectic and partially horrible day. I woke up hungover and extremely tired, only to find that my brother had locked his keys in his car. I drove him back to Federal Way for the spare key, picking up a speeding ticket along the way. Greasy Jack in the Box woke me up a bit - a croissant breakfast sandwich truly is the ultimate hangover food. Drove back to Redmond, then back to Federal Way again. Spent the day huddled on the couch with my fancy-pants brand-new laptop, which is black and shiny and fabulous. I scraped up my foot during the barn party, and it's been red and angry and still-bleeding even up til now.
Anyway, all of this added up to my decision to skip town tomorrow. The van's already loaded up - and boy, do I have a lot of junk! - and Brent and I will be driving off around 10 am.
Now for bike talk. Brent's buying himself a road bike! So I'll have another bike buddy in the 'Ham. His "new" bike is a craigslist baby, and I'm quite excited to go look at it. Naturally, though, I now want to go buy up some new equipment for my Rot Roja - fenders and flat pedals, which together hopefully won't be more than $50. The idea is that with these last two pieces I'll be able to use the Rot Roja for all commuting activities. Until the snow starts. I know I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on the bike, but I'm finally reaching a point with it where I can't think of anything else to add. Now, all I need to think about is the ride!

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