Thursday, January 31, 2008


Last night, after dropping the Man off at his house and still daydreaming about the french fries he ate in front of me, I decided that hard-boiled eggs sounded like the most delicious thing on earth. So I busted out a pot, turned on the stove, and waited. And waited. And waited some more because how did I forget! Hard boiled eggs take a lifetime! Then, naturally, I got impatient and tried to eat them before they were done. Bad idea. I went through 6 eggs trying to get it right, 45 minutes of half-sleeping half-starving irritation, and by the end of it all I just felt like puking the eggs right back up.
Then naturally this morning, before pouring myself a giant heaping bowl of cereal, I checked my "dietary restrictions" list and realized that I don't get to eat today. At all. By the time my appointment comes around tomorrow (today), I won't have had anything other than Gatorade, water, and laxatives in over 30 hours.
I can't sleep, either. I passed out earlier today, around 7. I'd been cold and shaky and achy and miserable for a few hours, but I'd tried to fight it off by reading a book. Instead I fell asleep, and according to the laws of my life, my mom called at 9 and woke me up. I've been wide awake since.
Her news wasn't all that great, either. Go ahead and read about it. I knew this girl in junior high, and had a hard time placing her name while my mom was talking. It hit me right after I hung up. I hated her. Not in a full-blown planning for her destruction sort of way, but she was a year younger than me, went to my church, and in general was a huge pain in the ass. This isn't a very accurate description of her, though, considering it's the memory of a 14 year old. Anyway, I wish her all the best in the world. It sounds like she's being cared for, though, so I guess her parents are the ones in need of support now. (My mom told me about all this as a warning against letting people drive my van, of course. Thanks Mom.)
Now, on to the entire reason I started writing. I want to talk about food, and all the food I want to eat when I come out from the anesthesia tomorrow.
Taco Bell: A cheesy gordita crunch with refried beans. The texture of all those ingredients - crunchy lettuce and taco shell, combined with squishy tortilla, beans, and melted cheese would be Heaven. Also, steak taquitos drenched in sour cream.
McDonald's: An egg Mcmuffin, of course! The sweet burst of ham on top of egg and cheese, accompanied by the crisp feeling of biting down through a freshly toasted english muffin. As for potatoes, I can't tell which sounds more appetizing: fries or hash browns.
Other Things: A Boomer's burger. The roommates and I are going for dinner, fo' sho'. Peanut butter toast. Kenny was eating it earlier tonight, it smelled divine. The nacho cheese Doritos someone left at our house after the party - yummm. Also, I want a hot dog. And some sort of meat with BBQ sauce. Or a taco salad from Dos Padres! Hell, even a big bowl of Rice Krispies with milk sounds divine.
It's going to be a long night, I can tell. A headache has settled in on top of my head, the cigarette burn is itching, and in general I'm feeling downright bitchy.

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