Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mardi Gras = <3

I've lost track of the days of the week. The differences between Saturday and Sunday and Monday are unknown to me - they're just The Night We Went to the French Quarter, That Day We Drank for 10 Hours, and That Night I Toured the Mansions. Tuesday, of course, is That Morning I Woke Up With Strep.
In all seriousness, there are too many things to be able to recount. Today, for example, has been one long wander.
We started at 8 am, sick (Irene with a fever and bronchitis, myself with strep) and ready to hit the parades. I found my sunglasses I lost the night before under the picnic table. Soon after the first parade we gave up on pretending we could make it, and drove our sick, miserable, exhausted selves back to Mississippi. Once back in Jackson, we sat in an emergency room for 2.5 hours waiting for a simple prescription for antibiotics. Shortly after we caught up with Irene's friends and made plans for pizza (to be perfectly honest, I don't even remember where this conversation took place.) The beer and pizza experience included pitchers of cheap beer, Lawrence of Arabia on the Shack screen tv, and high speed winds porchside. Then there was the basketball game, and some more wandering. The night ended on a screened in porch with Milwaukee's Best and discussions about the presidential primaries and pirates.
Basically Irene's got some kickass friends here at Millsaps, and I forgive her for moving out of the Green House and heading south. It was a good move for her, and I'd much rather come visit her in the heat again instead of hanging out in my apartment, afraid to go outside because of the cold.
Oh, also. Mississippi has amazing lightning. The kind that we on the West Coast see maybe once a year.

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