Friday, October 16, 2009

Hard at Work

Oh hi there.

Remember how I was all, "Man, busy summer, now that's done I'll have more to say!"? Yeah. Big fat lie. Turns out school actually keeps me more occupied than driving buses for tourists ever did.
It's a pretty sweet life, though. Class, nap, class, nap, work, homework, bed. I've started talking to inanimate objects in my room. Turns out it's easier to drag myself out of bed at 7am when I'm trying to hold up my end of a conversation. Other wakeup techniques: 5 minute snooze, aggressive rap, turning on every light in the room, leaving the window open overnight, and promising myself that if I'll just get out of bed, I won't make myself brush my teeth or get dressed. So I break a lot of promises. Whatever.
Took an extra shift at work this evening. Weekends and evenings are prime-time for cashiering, since we're basically left to do whatever possible behind the desk. I designed some invitations to a Girls' Night Out in Publisher, while my coworker wrote out invitations on leaf-shaped cutouts to her Fall Bash. We also worked together on a scheme to creep out every person who uses my bathroom, ever. As for actual work... I've taken $65 in the last 3 hours, and it's unlikely I'll sell anything else. Other fun things I have done: thrown a rubber snake at a patron, stole Famous Amos cookies from the swim team, drew smiley and frowny faces on a bunch of boys' hands, harassed a coworker, tampered with the radio until I got it to play my iPod (despite not having an auxiliary input), drank a Diet Coke, and Facebook creeped every person I've met in the last 2 years. It's been a productive day.

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