Saturday, June 11, 2005

mad caddies - good intentions

we're at work, fifteen minutes before public swim ends. ryan's friend picks me up and throws me into the pool - i'm upset, mad, and soaking wet after i told them not to. so, change out of my wet clothes, put the bathing suit on, and keep going. i thought my night was going to be horrible after that. instead, we all end up in the pool, playing around, jumping off the diving board, dunking and yelling. one of the moms who comes every week jumped in with us! so it turned out not so bad.
after, i went out to denny's with ryan, candice, siam, and some other guys. i'm trying to find the words to explain it -- honestly, this whole blog thing just isn't doing it for me anymore. the play-by-play gets dull, compared to what actually happened. i'd rather just remember it myself. (except, with my memory, it'll be forgotten by next week.) oh well. i guess it's a good thing, that life has gotten interesting enough to make explaining it into a hassle.

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