Sunday, May 29, 2005

pete francis - stones

i am sick and tired of being mistaken for the frumpy older woman!! last time i was josh's mom, today i'm chanel's aunt. starting tomorrow, i'm getting back into the monday-wednesday-friday running schedule.

caveman sandwiches are fantastique. chanel's sister gave us the hookup, and oh man. if it was me paying, i never would have given that place a chance. it was dirty and grungy and disgusting, but the food... sehr gut.

we spent most of our time at the cemetary. i foraged my garage for a crowbar and hedge clippers, nabbed a bunch of flowers from the garden. we cleaned up four of her family headstones, made them look pretty and clean. we got distracted by the older headstones. it's... difficult, to take in how many kids die young. especially in the older section of the cemetary. we eventually found the brick headstone from raymond love, chanel's grandmother's older brother who died when he was three days old. we had to dig out the grass that was covering it, but we hacked away a good space of dirt to keep it uncovered for a while. she's planning to go back and paint it, make it brighter, and also make the name legible again.

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