Monday, October 22, 2007

Recent Conversations

Discussing the night before:
Brent: I was super drunk. I was drinking vodka, and playing beer pong, and then someone decided to get me high! There was no way I knew what I was doing.
Jen: That's how date rape happens!

Earlier today:
Nick: I've noticed you've been wearing a lot of pumpkin colors lately.
Me: That's because I wore this shirt yesterday.
Nick: Oh.

In Anthropology:
Random dude: So, easiest test ever, right?
Me: I hope so, I only studied for 20 minutes!
Random dude: Yeah, 11:30 rolled around, I thought I'd get started, but I decided to watch Harry Potter instead.
Me: It was the Japanese soap operas that did me in.
Random dude: I love those! And Passions.

Twenty minutes until Business Law... Mondays and Wednesdays suck. Eight hours of campus time in one day is never acceptable.

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