Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Feist is not acceptably quotable in entry titles

Well loves, looks like I'm updating a bit more than usual today. Guess it's all this downtime mixed with procrastination I'm doing.

I'm coming up on a killer management test in the next 30 minutes. I feel decently confidant. The poor Japanese students, though, I don't think they realize just how fucked they are by taking Olsen. They walk out after the break every day - not smart!!!

Brag time. I got a 96% on my freshman level anthropology midterm. Wait, is it not bragging if anyone with half a brain could have done the same?

More day-in-the-life-of quotes:

Me: Come on Chelsea, stop picking at your cuticles.
Nick: Do you really talk to yourself using your first name?

Ran into Lady Rumble in the coffeehouse today. I don't think... nope, she and I haven't been drinking together since freshman year. Which is a downright shame.

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