Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More Notes from the Computer Lab

Fun story learned from a mostly tedious presentation day.

Horchata is a traditional Spanish drink that has variation among all Spanish-speaking countries. Legend says that the name comes from King Juame I, King of Aragorn. After being served the drink for the first time by a servant girl, he asked her the name. She told him, and he said, "No, això es or, xata!" (No, that's gold, girl!) And thus, horchata.

Made from milk, rice, vanilla, and cinnamon, it was the most deliciously comforting drink I have ever had. I'll be making lots of it over the summer, I'm sure.

AND OH GOD. I forgot I downloaded Lil Jon's Get Low. It just came onto my iPod and I swear, for a second I thought some jackass was blasting terrible music in the computer lab.

Warning: Dangerous Website for Women

I could totally spend thousands on a vacation in the French countryside. This one was the most garish I could find, and I'm in love. Proof that even oodles of money could never give me class.

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