Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disconnected thoughts

Went out to Jalapeno's for Happy Hour with two of the roommates and Ky, and it was GREAT. Big Mamas are not notorious for nothing. After downing two and a pizza pan full of nachos, my entire goal for the rest of the afternoon was to find someplace warm to fall asleep. The boys steered me away from the park across the street, seeing as it's been raining intermittently for the last, oh, FIVE YEARS.

Ended up in my bed, which is never a bad place to find myself after a drinking bout.

Woke up to yelling in the kitchen, as usual. Meghan had come for a visit, I'm not sure why, I was still a bit muddled. Right before she left, though, she threw out that her friend from Friday thought I looked like I'd be fun to cuddle with. Of course, now I'd like to track this boy down and give it a go. Facebook made finding him a non-issue, but I don't think I have the guts to follow through.

Where was I going? Oh, yes. After an excellent kung-fu movie viewing with Nick, we trundled off to campus to take advantage of the beautiful, wonderful, heart-squeezing event known as 25 Cent Coffee During Finals Week.

Now it's a bit late, more than a bit late, actually stupidly late considering I have one last final tomorrow. Caffeine is coursing through me, my fingers are jittery, and the urge to sleep is completely gone.

Speaking of sleeping, last night I dreamed of pterodactyls and running away from them while wearing filmy, floaty Victorian-era dresses. And kid gloves.

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