Friday, April 10, 2009

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Hey, wow, so I've been really lax with this thing. I switched email addresses and blogger won't let me change the access email to this account, and guess what? It turns out something as simple as logging out and logging back in is too much work! Other things that are too hard for me: brushing my teeth in the morning before class*, filling out hiring documents that are sitting on my desktop, picking up my paycheck, and pouring wine into a glass before drinking it.

* That said, I start my first mug of tea at 8:30am and continue to refill it until 4. I can't say brushing my teeth would make a dent on my English Breakfast breath and plaque buildup.

Big events in the last few months include going to Mardi Gras 2009 (WHOO! BOOZIN'!) and getting hired with a tour bus company in Alaska. Tomorrow is my big Commercial Driver's License test, so wish me big heaps of luck that I don't back over any children or flip the coach mid-turn.

Also, I've lived in four different houses since December! First with the parents in Tacoma as I adjusted from tanktop-and-flowy-skirt to mufflers-and-chinchilla-fur-coats weather. Next on Lillian's couch while I house hunted in Bellingham. Third in a house on Franklin, for a whole two months! Beginning of March I moved into a different house on Franklin, which was annoying but also pretty easy to actually do. It took about two hours to transfer it all from one place to another, including a burrito and beer break.

While I was living in the first Franklin house, my roommate Kimmy got me involved in the Surfrider Foundation. Now, I've got the world's worst attention span when it comes to volunteering, but I did make it up to Mt. Baker for Banked Slalom! I manned the booth and hoarded free samples from the other vendors, and watched one of the prettiest sunrises I've seen yet. Here, pictures! **Warning, these pictures are RIDICULOUSLY huge if you click on them. I'm working on it**
Gorgeous, no? And less than five minutes later...

Notice how I'm pretending to do econ homework. No one bought it.

Nice suit, Kims! It's a hand-me-down for her mom. This girl wins on the hip scale. Retro, recycling, and unabashed enthusiasm! Rock on!

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