Friday, April 10, 2009

Unoriginal Content

Look, I know I don't fit in the typical demographics for a mommy blog. 1) I am not a mom. 2) ... Okay, well I think #1 pretty much covers why they don't apply to me. That said, I can't get enough of them! I attribute this entirely to the quality of the moms' prose, because really, if you can make me nearly spit out my tea onto my precious MacBook, then you certainly deserve my attention.

"I thought Henry was napping, but now I hear him singing to himself. The singing is new. Once, when he was a few months old, he hummed "Ode to Joy" (I am NOT KIDDING) and we all gazed in wonderment at Henry, Child Prodigy, but then he clammed up, singing-wise. Right now he’s singing the ABC song, but he gets stuck after "d," so he just sings, "A, b, c, d, ...d, d, d....d, d, d, d, dddd...d..." I can’t figure out why he sounds so cheerful, as he’s had diarrhea and a fever all day. I would be less inclined to lie in bed crooning my favorite ditties, if I were simultaneously soiling myself with watery, burning poo."
Alice Bradley,

"How to Annoy Me: Do something that annoys me, and then say, "I've been waiting to see that face all week long." I'll give you this face EVERY DAY, MOTHERFUCKER, as long as you continue to make noise when the baby is asleep."
Heather Armstrong,

And okay, I'll be honest, that's the extent of my momblog reading. But they make me laugh!

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