Sunday, April 19, 2009

Port Townsend!

Spent a nice, relaxing weekend with my parents and one of the brothers out in Port Townsend this weekend. They rented a condo, I took a ferry over, and we all kayaked and ate seafood and browsed the neat artisan shops until we collapsed from exhaustion. At which point the condo turned into a war zone as everyone tried to find a place to sleep safe from everyone else's snoring. I was a sure loser in this battle, since I'm the only one of us who doesn't snore - instead they all wanted to share the room with me. Last night at 1 am my dad snuck in and collapsed on the other bed - driving me out into the living room almost immediately. Brent complained I was taking his couch, but since he was still up anyway, I told him to stuff it, curled up, and passed out.
A few highlights of the trip include:

There's only one surefire way to start the weekend right, and this is it! Super Mario's Taco Truck. It's not Tacos Arabes, but it's damn close.
My first trip to Deception Pass, and the weather was beautiful! I didn't climb down to the beaches, though - I had to hurry to the ferry before it left without me.

Oh, look. A ferry.
Brent and I were innocently sitting in the car, waiting for our parents to come back with some groceries, when this beast poked his head out of the car next to us.

I'm pretty sure he was a cow in disguise.

On the way back I made a quick pit stop at Fort Casey to wander around, take some pictures, and reminisce about my childhood. (My parents were big on taking trips to old military forts.)

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allieinchicago said...

Hey Chelsea! Fort Casey is right by my parents house, where I grew up!! Also, Garrison asked me to marry him on Deception Pass Bridge! What did you think of the Island? It's got to be one of the prettiest places. When we're in Washington again let's try and get together...I miss you!