Monday, October 03, 2005

handful of lovin'

cheers to another kickass day at western! elaina and i discussed western's anti-frat policy during our lecture class. i also witnessed someone destroy an ecosystem. gasp! that fish ate everything. seriously, i've never been so fascinated with a dumb computer game in my life. maybe it just says something about my criminal justice professor, but i was rooting for that fish. if a bigger one was coming, i cringed and urged him to the top of the screen. when the littler fish came into view, i shouted "go fish! go and eat those little guppies!"
i made a new friend in spanish. her name is lauren. we bitch about spanish and say hi to each other when we pass between classes.
cole was here all weekend! did i mention that? no way, i forgot to tell you?! chanel and cole were both up here for a visit! oh, lots of weekend stories, much drinking. i want to tell you about shane, though. shane, who i've fallen in love with. shane, who despite only talking to him for 10 minutes, is the closest i've come to meeting the man of my dreams. here's the story:

saturday night, i am drunk. hardcore drunken conversations were going on, one with corey about church factions vs. real religion. rj calls, and i wander over to a truck and sit on the bumper and talk to him. as i'm sitting, i notice a guy taking a piss across the yard from me, 10 feet away from a group of people, yelling over his shoulder at them. he's wearing some kinda cowboy hat and plaid shirt, and i think he's just hilarious but i don't think i told rj about him. which is weird, because most of the conversation i remember was me observing out loud things going on, and him having a bad day. anyway, later i have to pee, so chanel takes the phone and i run upstairs. on my way back down i have to weave around people, and i'm drunk. it's hard. so i get to chanel and steal my phone back, but she'd hung up. i stop to introduce myself to the group, and look! it's my buddy corey! we hug and things are good, then i go back to the truck to call rj back. because that's what i do at night, and on weekends, with my free minutes! and as i'm sitting down this tall, lanky, physically imposing guy sits down right next to me on the bumper and busts out his cell phone. and in my head i'm all "score! i created the drunk cell phone spot!" and things were good. rj told me to leave him alone, but it was okay, because as soon as i hung up the tall blonde boy turns to me and says "hey chelsea!" cue my confusion. i was like "oh there's no way i met you earlier i'd've remembered a face like that" (all mentally though, because i wasn't that ballsy drunk) and he sees my expression and, oh my, this was so sweet. he says "don't think i'm stalking you! but i was walking inside and you walked past me, so i turned around and followed you. i thought you were cute. and i heard you introduce yourself over there. when i saw you coming over here i pulled out my cell phone and pretended to be on it, wasn't that slick?" and we proceeded to have an awesome conversation, with me falling madly in love with him. boys at western! they do things like that! he was charming and sweet and confidant and he quoted the big lebowski when frans asked for water. people crowded around us after a few minutes, though, and he sort of disappeared into the crowd. but oh, my heart. i wish i'd gotten his number. i think it's good, though. because this way i'll have this positive memory of a tall and lanky blonde boy wearing plaid (yeah, he was the boy i saw peeing. by the way.) being ridiculously charming to encourage me to party more.

about this afternoon, though. we had sailing practice, and afterward we went to lafeen's for doughnuts. this boy from san francisco and i decided we'd try to be hardcore at sailing practice on wednesday and take a boat out together. i don't know... he says he's learning to skipper in class tomorrow, but it might be intense. we might flip! all i know for sure is that i'm wearing my bathing suit.

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