Sunday, October 23, 2005

rancid - la bamba

alright! today was a real adventure. it was innocent enough - ben, nick and i all wanted to see serenity. but because ben is an RA, he couldn't drive us there (not that he has a car anyway.) no one really wanted to drive us, or loan us their car, so we ended up begging tuey for a ride and hoping we'd catch the bus back. we almost did! but we went to taco bell, things happened, and we walked outside just in time to see the bus driving away. now, in case you don't know, sunset is pretty far from western. like, 4 miles or so. we left at 6:45.. and just now, at 9:30, here i am. home. with aching feet, frizzy hair, not as much time to do homework as i'd hoped, and listening to etta james. and even though i'm completely exhausted, i am so very glad we missed that bus. because now i know more about aliens v. predators, getting out of headlocks, and wookie breeding habits than i ever thought possible. shazzam!
word on the street has it that lemon cake and chocolate frosting don't mix well. i tested that theory, and it's true. don't do it.
yesterday i hung out with frans! that boy is one of my lifelong pals now. it was nice just walking around campus with him, talking about all the things we want to do. our big plan for our future is to smoke a really nice cigar together.
natalie's home now. i liked living on my own.


Anonymous said...

Shazzam! Hmm. It does look better with two z's. -shrug- so you win again.

Ben said...

Odd, my original comment didn't show up on the main page. Hmm. Perhaps I just don't know what I'm doing.