Monday, October 24, 2005

oh, you know. just another generic night at western. i was a little disenchanted with the place when i first got here - things just weren't going the way i planned. don't things always do that? it's a good angry-making machine, that whole plans-going-awry thing. hey now, no worries! everything has cleared up. i have friends across the street who communicate by airhorn and window signs. my cousin and i are on better terms than we've ever been in our entire lives. (she used to hate me, you know. i didn't know that. she only started liking me once we hit junior high. i've adored her forever!) sailing is fantastic. today, again, corey and randy tried to feed bugs to the spiders. jessica is such a laugh to be around, honestly, because of her i rarely do "the right thing" and work on all that schooling stuff. we ate a panini at the rec center today, and it was glorious.

moment of love: watching tv, and they mention plasma in passing. matt, across the room, shouts "plasma! whoo-hoo!"

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Anonymous said...

Hope that moment of love down at the bottom refers to me!