Thursday, October 27, 2005

Home Again

It's 8:45, and I'm completely ready to go to class. Class starts at 10. Yeah, this morning went a little faster than I thought it would... Now I can do crazy things like play music until my roommate wakes up, finish my homework, or maybe even give myself a manicure! Oh my oh my, the possibilities. What I really want to do is hit up the grocery store for foodstuffs. Our pantry is running low. And when I say low, I mean the only thing left to eat is ramen. Miles upon miles of ramen. ICK. Ramen is good when it's the first time you've eaten it all week, but every time after that it loses it's charm a little. It's like watching a polished, sophisticated sorority girl get drunk, only instead of watching the destruction, you're eating it.
I keep thinking it's a new week now. I went home Tuesday night and told myself it was the weekend. And basically, it was! Chanel and I bought a pack of cigarettes from the Shell station, then crossed the street to our old stompin' grounds: Denny's. The first thing I noticed made me almost poop my pants with happiness. The old man with the beard who sits and smokes and reads a book was there! His beard was just the same. His black-rimmed reading glasses were just the same. His checkered button-up shirt was still tucked in. My memory tells me he was wearing cowboy boots, but I think I just wish he was. So Chanel and I both went buckwild at Denny's: we laughed and we cried and we ate seasoned fries with BBQ sauce and ranch, and we threw our hands in the air and annoyed the waiter, we drank too much coffee and had to pee constantly for the rest of the night, we ate our shoplifted candy from the Shell station, and we both realized that no one will ever be able to take the place of our sister. I miss Chanel more than anyone. We drove to Steel Lake and reminisced about our summer mornings lazing in the sand before work, I listened to her bitch about work and pretended I had stuff to bitch about still, and we swung on the swings until our stomachs hurt and our eyes were drooping. We called it a night then, but it was just like old times. I fell asleep happier and more satisfied than I've been since I left for school. Yeah, I guess I am homesick after all.
One last story before I leave to go do something else. We went to the Auburn Goodwill to look for surplus army jackets (there weren't any). What we found instead will be my own image of heaven. We found rows and rows upon rows of like-new books for a dollar each. Yes! I came home with 16 new books, and I'm so excited to start reading them that I can barely get myself to finish the one I'm already reading. But honestly, Chanel's auntie put me to shame. She bought out almost every book in that place.

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mathpoet said...

So poetic an entry for something as simple as returning home. bravo.