Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Billy Budd is a pretty boy

So Jessica, about the hair thing. Mar pulled his hair into a ponytail, slicked it back if you will, and dressed himself up in a snazzy black suit. We were walking down Old Main toward each other, from one very far end to the other, and it wasn't until we were literally within five feet that I recognized him. He thought I'd been ignoring him. Psh. That kid looks DIFFERENT without the helmet!

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Anonymous said...

haahahaa! that boy's insane. tell him i met a guy from mexico (i'm not sure around where) and told him i had a friend at my last school from mexico. so i keep a bit of western with me always, and i didn't hate it there. but it's warm here and i drank more alcohol in orientation weekend than all of western. hell, all my life combined.

i don't think i can visit again. i think i may be here til july. unless i come home for the second half of mardi gras break. in which case, i'm crashing on your couch for a few nights. heads up.