Thursday, January 12, 2006

If you wait long enough...

... everything will work out in the end. Some people might extend that to death, where you don't even have to worry anymore. I'm not one of those people. I'm just comfortable with the way things are. While walking to class? I have a CD player to keep me company. (Well, I had one. It sucks batteries dry within hours, so I might have to get another one. This will be the third absolute failure of a CD player since the loss of the Perfect Sony CD Player. PSCP, if you will. That was years ago, and I'm still mourning it.

So, I supposed an explanation is due for all of you not in the know. My computer crashed on Saturday morning - the hard drive frizzled and fried and went kaput. In the last six days it's taken to put it back together (and yes, that is six. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. See? Six.) I've embraced my computer geek side and actually figured out how my computer works. With help from friends, of course. Brent was the first. He showed me just how cool I've been without even knowing it -- I had a 160 gig hard drive and never knew it! I wish I could keep that baby, but it's going off to either Brent or Ben. They both like computers more and have more stuff for a big drive like that. Anyway. Lucas stole me some premium Windows XP, the kind that has all the extra fancy media software. Then I waited a few days to get my driver installation CD in the mail from my dad - priority mail, by the way. Two days for priority mail is dumb. So then, today, today was the good day. I got my internet running and went c-razy! Downloaded Firefox, iTunes, gaim, soulseek, winrar, a tagger, and a pretty skin for firefox. I also got an account for gmail from Ben. Oh, Ben! Ben is my hero for the day. He got onto my old hard drive and salvaged some of what I lost. Most of the mp3's were toast, but I got my pictures (including the men in skirts series) and about 300 songs from various artists. It was extremely nice of him, especially since he hadn't had any sleep and did it for me anyways. Hence why he gets the 160 gigs of Brent doesn't take it.

Well, I've gotten bored of writing that. I've done more, but it's just not important anymore.

What is important is that my english professor and I are going to become good friends this quarter. He rides the shuttle to and from class, like I do, and we talk along the way. It's pretty cool. Class with him is just amusing as all hell. I keep expecting to be grasping to keep up with the concepts and ideas thrown around like back in AP English. But no. Oh no. It's more like a one-on-one conversation between the professor and I, with half the class looking like dead fish. There are tons of other intelligent people in that class - I suspect they'd make me cry if I ever had a real conversation with them. But the whole speaking-up thing? Not happening.

[edit] oh rj. he had to take my amusement and twist it around. "That's pretty sad if a 200 level class is less challenging than a class you took at Decatur." Love him, such a sweetie, transferring to the U is becoming more realistic every day.

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