Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Best Feeling Ever

Today was another sunny day. This has been, what, 4 days in the past week? I'm getting excited. Today was the warmest so far. I opened the window, put on my summer Old Navy skirt, and lay down to take a nap. (Yes, I changed to take a nap. Going outside doesn't matter, just as long as you're dressed for summer.) I fell asleep to a chilly breeze, warm sun filtered through the window, and the sounds of traffic below my window. It was the greatest moment I've experienced in months.

Nick and I attempted to rent movies from Blockbuster. We took the long walk down there, meandered for a while, failed miserably at renting anything, and returned to campus for dining hall food. It was dark and more cold than chilly when I returned to my room. The lights were out. The window was still open. I felt a flashback to this summer, when RJ and I would stay out until 5 or 6 in the morning. My window was always open during the night, then. Fresh air is essential, but leaving a window open all night isn't smart during the winter. Anyway, about my room. The smell was indescribable. Just cold and clean, I could tell everything in my room would be chilly. My bed, my pillows, my clothes and my rug. Everything just felt... cleaner. This was how it was every morning when I would come home this summer. I would always be in a good mood, exhilirated yet tired from some other random adventure, and my room would be dusky and cool when I'd finally go to sleep. Coming home just now has put me back into that frame of mind. I feel optimistic, energetic.

Today, with the sun shining, was the first time in months that I was aware of the passage of time. I absolutely couldn't spend the day in my room. Which is why I walked over to Nick's room and suggested a walk. It was good.

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