Thursday, March 02, 2006

I keep on forgetting myself

So now my biggest concern is taking care of this toe. I know it's gross, but what else am I supposed to think about? The extra memory card sitting on my carpet? No, thanks. I'll focus on this toe, and the blisters around it, and the way I have to soak it for twenty minutes in hot soapy water every three or four hours. I'm airing it out because the white band-aid skin creeps me out. Those twenty minutes of forced stillness are good for me, too. It gives me a chance to write, to think, to sort through all this craziness flying around in my head. (I've been trying to fill up that notebook for almost three years now. Looks like I'm going to finally finish it.)

Maybe when I go home this weekend, I'll rearrange my bedroom. Finally get all my books into a decent order. Maybe there'll be some housework to do that will keep my hands busy. I can't just sit around listening to Third Eye Blind and reading forever, you know.

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