Tuesday, August 23, 2005

covington is way out in bum-fuck nowhere

so i've been sitting around for the last, oh, THREE HOURS, waiting for people to get their shit together and pick me up. i never realized how bad i'd miss harold until now. 'cause you know, before? the only two people i ever saw had cars and lived 5 minutes away. covington... holy shit! i'm seriously wondering, guys? you do realize i have to be perky and excited tomorrow at 8 am? how bad do you want me to be royally pissed off?
this post really doesn't mean anything. i just have another 45 minutes to kill waiting for chanel to get to covington, then for everybody to troop back up here. argh. i think i'm going to go read dooce.com some more. solitaire just kicked my ass again and i'm too depressed to look for another ace.

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