Monday, August 22, 2005

what would my mother say....

if she knew all the things that have gone down in the last couple days? oh my, i think she'd have a hissy fit. i'm going to have to try real hard to make this all sound interesting... i just woke up from sleeping for the last 5 hours - that's right, sleeping in the middle of the day! - and my head is still pretty fuzzy.
okay.. saturday! chanel and i went to amy's wedding. it was beautiful, she was beautiful, andy was bursting with happiness, everything was formal and there was a chocolate fountain as food. i totally loaded my plate with pineapple, marshmallows, strawberries, and fruitsnacks and dipped them all in the chocolate fountain. yumm! it was shocking just how many people i knew turned up for her wedding, but then, amy's a lovely girl who probably finds it hard not to make friends wherever she goes. so we're all sitting around the table stuffing our faces with chocolate dipped goodies, when siam asks if we want to crash another wedding -- one with free liquor! of course chanel and i were all for it. the second wedding was almost more beautiful than the first.. everyone was relaxed, having a good time, the bride and groom cried when they said their vows, and all the little kids had balloons tied to their wrists. chanel got happily drunk while i stayed the designated driver (as if that actually means anything at a wedding, right?) we stole bubbles and disposable cameras, and candice and siam pretended to get married at the altar.
so then came one of the coolest parts of the weekend. rj, chanel, and i all went to a ska show! and since chanel was still drunk, she went all crazy dancing to the music. thank god! all this time i thought rj was this hardcore skanking ska master, and the bum just stood there! the whole time! i was shocked and outraged - and so i danced for him! it was fantastically wonderful. last night, while we were out with shannon (here's a sign of a good night - i forgot the name of the place we were at!) we recreated the skank in a drunken stupor just 'cause it's so much fun! anyway, after the first two bands, it got hot and musty inside, so chanel and i sat around on the back of rj's truck. we met one of the roadies for the sweater club, cody, and drank a bottle of champagne with him. after the concert, rj drove us to the burger hut for some fantastic burgers, and then i went home and crawled into bed and slept and had more nightmares. i swear to god, this not-sleeping-well thing needs to end. waking up in a cold sweat, shaking, afraid of what happened the day before and what might happen when you get out of bed each day just plain sucks.
so the sunday, i drove all around federal way running errands. i bought the paint for my room, finally! painting will probably start sometime this week, i'm thinking either tomorrow or wednesday. now, i was supposed to spend the day with jon, who i haven't seen all summer, but shit happens and he forgot. sad! oh well. chanel and i tried going up to seattle to meet some boy she's been talking to, but of course she left her cell phone at my house. how many times has this happened now? and tom, who was supposed to be our super-sleuth and break into my house and find the phone, well... he didn't. he was kind of worthless really. of course he's still one of the greatest boys on earth, but i think yesterday was the last time i send him on an all-important mission. we came back from seattle upset and disappointed, and her phone was sitting in my bathroom. after that, we decided we'd just crash at her house for a few hours, read books on her comfy bed like we usually do. we'd been at her house maybe 20 minutes - just enough to make sandwiches and get annoyed with the cats - when shannon showed up and invited us to a party out in bum-fuck nowhere. naturally, it was a total blast, and we all did things we probably shouldn't have. going to work feeling nauseous with lots of kids and trying to show enthusiasm about it? very hard. i hope tomorrow's lessons aren't as bad as this morning's seemed to be. i want to like my kids this session.

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