Wednesday, August 31, 2005

generic computer games

i think, after years and years and endless years of getting mercilessly pummeled by my brothers, i've developed a complex that makes me want to win, at all costs, no matter who gets hurt and how much i'm hated later. and unfortunately, i think the boy i played computer games with last night has the same complex.
it started out pretty harmless, okay? it was cute. he was playing solitaire (badly!) so i sat down on his lap and pointed things out to him. cute, right? sitting on his lap. drinking beer, eating pizza, playfully snatching the mouse away when he's about to screw up. but oh no. i went to far. i said "let me play!" this is where the 3 hour generic computer game tournament started. solitaire wasn't so bad, but when we busted out the pinball, everything turned sour. the battle for the highest score turned vicious, with pushing and table bumping and heckling and worse yet, the infamous bad music. he hates the mellow stuff - cake, death cab, etc. i couldn't stand his country (and don't get me wrong. country isn't all bad! but this was horrible.)
i think it was one of the best evenings i've spent in a while. i also think i'm actually going to miss him when i leave, where before, i just needed someone to fill up all the free time i suddenly had. i mean, he gave me a piggyback ride to my car because i didn't want to walk down the stairs! aww.

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