Saturday, December 24, 2005

I now qualify as "New Money"

Mark this day on your calendars, folks. Not only have RJ and I made it through a whole month together (yeah, I couldn't help it.) but today I found my first winning scratch ticket! Well no, that's a lie. There were a few illegal attempts made in junior high, when Tuey and I would buy the 1$ tickets and win 2$. But her mom never cashed them in, and besides, we weren't 18. It just doesn't count. This ticket today, though, this one was special. The hype leading up to the purchase was so thick, I want to use the old "cut it with a knife" metaphor. But I won't. Just imagine me being really really excited and impatient. RJ and I pooled our money to purchase one of those 3$ Uno scratch tickets. First because the 3$ ones are more likely to win, and second because come on! Uno! That game devoured every semi-quiet moment of our summer. Now, can you guess what that boy pulled when that hot shit ticket came sliding out of the machine?? That's right. He took it and HID IT. I had to wait something like 20 minutes before I could scratch that sucker.
By the way, I ran into Aaron Borth and his girlfriend while we were at Fred Meyer. It was weird seeing him again. It sank home this feeling I've been getting lately, a nostalgia for the old days. I never thought the old days were all that great before, and I know what I have right now is far better. And yet I miss the boys from junior high, the two-week sleepovers with Tuey, the parties at Chanel's condo.
Anyway, the scratch ticket. The suspense was ridiculous. We almost won $300! We only needed a G8 and a B4. Instead, we made a last-minute profit of 2$ when we scored the five dollar slot!
We're not sure where the money should go. One paid admission to Zoolights, the other person paying in spare change? Or take our chances with a Lucky for Life ticket?! Can you imagine how sweet winning Lucky for Life would be? Starbucks every day, that's for sure. And a new assortment of German facial cleansers and creams, the kind Frans's cousin introduced me to at the spa. Oh, and soap! Who could forget bar soap?? Bar soap is amazing. It cleans all the little nooks and crannys of your body, you can suds it up and lather your legs to shave, and in the rare moment when your shower starts to get boring, one tight squeeze and it's crazy soap-flying foot-slipping crashing fun! Forget textbooks, forget clothes, forget music and books.. I'm buying soap with my Christmas money.
Speaking of Christmas. Gratuitous happy holiday wishings to all of you who still read this. I'm thinking of asking for a roll call, but I'm afraid only Ben and RJ are left. Oh well. Merry Christmas you two!

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Merry Christmas to you, too!