Thursday, December 29, 2005

Priority #1: Find another plasma-donating carpool, or talk to Aaron about his schedule next quarter, or figure out a definite way to get home from Biolife via bus. Whatever happens, MUST DONATE twice a week, regularly, unless sick. Don't donate while sick again. Very stupid idea.

Priority #2: If bus is the only answer, buy a bus pass.

Priority #3: Eat healthy. Take vitamins. Need to keep up iron and protein levels so donating twice a week doesn't kill me.

Priority #4: Stay on top of classes. Study for spanish this time. Do Quia when it's assigned. Read books constantly. 17 credits isn't impossible, but when I actually want to learn, not just pass, it might be a little more difficult.

Other Things to Do:

use the rec center at least twice a week.
go to late night as much as possible.
read The Secret Garden.
try to go downtown once a week. find someone interested in poetry night at Fantasia.
see Brent more often.
get email addresses of people I like. start up some kind of regular correspondence with people I tend to forget about.
think about getting a job in Bellingham.
clean the kitchen and bathroom. vacuum stairs and every other carpeted surface in the house. throw out the trash.
invest in a giant crate of satsumas.
finish Catch-22 before going back to school. come on, 16 pages really shouldn't be this hard!!
call Tom, Tommy, Jessica, Sam, and Jamie today. bowling night!
figure out plans for New Years.
figure out how to use torrents. again. stick with it this time. create a music library that will make RJ cry, and not in the bad way.

take a shower, because I'm off work for the next two hours!

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