Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby, you got what I need (But you say he just a friend)

There are ups and downs to knowing how to use the internet for more than googling images of Britney Spears pre-breakdown. On the upside, I know where to find endless material for amusement. Blogs are fantastic. They're also the biggest downside. After all, if I, an easily amused college student who relies upon her parents to make rent, can manage to keep a blog, then obviously there are many other people with many other talents and far more interesting stories doing the very same. Nothing quite brings me out of my "yeah my life is awesome" mindset as well as an hour spent catching up on Internet idols.

Not to mention that I lose an hour reading about someone cooler than me, when I could have been studious or amusing or bonded with a roommate or cooked something amazing. That is an hour I will never get back. It's an hour that I chose to spend chuckling while simultaneously making myself feel bad about how that's not my amusing story.

That said, awkward moment of the day: Sharron, Andrea and I tried to pull off a group hug today, only to realize we didn't know what to do with our faces. We ended up staring creepily into each other's eyes (or chins, in my case.)

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justin said...

I was doing a concert,
I was pouring with sweat,
I went to get a drink,
and guess who I met,
I asked her her name,
she said blah blah blah.....

I don't think that reading blogs is a waste of an hour. Plus you're pretty interesting.