Friday, November 16, 2007

Today's Game Face: Irrational!

All morning, I've been surprising myself by how alert and chipper I've been. No breakfast, but I'm not hungry. No caffeine, but I'm not drowsy. 5 hours of sleep, and I'm not irritable.

But just now, all the warning bells and whistles went clanging crazily away. I most definitely am not well-rested and prepared to meet the day. How do I know? This entry made me teary-eyed. Although I think that's what Heather wanted.

"...but when her feet leave the ground there is a tiny, measurable block of air that separates her feet from the earth. The distance from here to the stars is a lot bigger than that, I know this, but if you take that enormous distance and convert it to centimeters, well then Leta just got a little closer."

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