Friday, April 11, 2008


The Environmental Science building is notoriously ugly and stupid. Huge brightly colored tubes and vents run through the middle of the building while the hallways are treacherously crammed with fossils and models of Chuckanut Ridge. (Actually, I like these features, even if they are annoying.) They didn't even bother putting bathrooms on every floor.
That last reason is why I always stop off on the 2nd floor before going to my class on the 4th. Before, I've always noticed that there were some oddly placed chairs in the women's restroom. I realize that chairs and couches are typical of really nice restrooms, but they're usually placed in a small, quiet lounge outside the actual toilet area. Not so with the ES building. They're cheap chairs, the kind that can be found all over Western's campus, and they're right next to the sinks. Today, when I entered, there was a group of 4 girls chilling in the chairs and having a casual conversation about one of their friends.
I have to ask. Obviously Western was trying too hard to be sophisticated when they put the chairs in. But why would anyone hang out where they're constantly hearing other people peeing or (God forbid) taking a dump? Seriously guys. Ew.

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