Saturday, April 19, 2008

Refusing to Run

It's mid-April and it's snowing.
This is ridiculous
I've been sympathizing with all those folks in Utah and the other flatland states, with their constant and never-ending blizzarding. But damn, I didn't think it would happen here too!
And I just know that when I drive the van to work later, that little rock chip that's been taunting me with it's nonrepaired-state is going to turn into a nasty crack.
Last night, for some reason that made perfect sense at the time but I cannot guess at now, I convinced one of my coworker's friends to give me his jacket. I gave him a smaller one and tried to sell it off as bigger and better. ... I should probably give it back and apologize, but it's too ridiculously funny right now. I woke myself up laughing about it this morning.

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