Thursday, April 10, 2008

Power Doesn't Run on Nothing - The Thermals

"they'll give us what we're asking for,
cause god is with us, and our god's the richest
our power doesn't run on nothing,
it runs on blood,
and blood is easy to obtain when you have no shame"

It seemed appropriate, considering it distracted me from my readings about international business and how to treat other cultures.

My endless search for the perfect combination of papers and folders to get me through classes is going in circles. I thought I had finally found the solution. A cardboard 3-ring binder, with folder inserts, and blank paper to take notes. The papers could easily be rearranged to fit in with the printout notes my professors seem so keen on this quarter. But it's not going to work. One, a 3-ring binder takes up way too much desk space compared to a spiral notebook, especially when you consider that so many of my classes are theater-style setups. Then, to my horror, after buying the binder, I realized that the damn thing barely even fits in my backpack.
But of course the spiral notebook plan isn't working out so well. Again, the printouts. Every quarter I struggle with too many papers for the small folders provided in the notebooks. They end up falling out, breaking the seems, and making the notebook bulge so much that the covers fall off.
I tried having individual folders for each class, and using those along with the notes in my spirals. But why would I keep two sets of notes for each class? I nixed that idea within two days.
I'll give the binder the benefit of the doubt and use it tomorrow. If it doesn't work, I'm shifting back to the familiar yet still pain in the ass bulging notebooks.

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