Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Likes, Not Dislikes

I like to pick my scabs, and poke my bruises, and in general complain about my hurts and aches. Unfortunately, I don't bruise easily, nor do I skateboard/ rock climb/ do any activity that might result in lots of scrapes.
Which is why I am really excited about the results from this weekend's party. Bruises on my legs and back, scabs on my left arm, and sore butt muscles from all that table dancing (oh yes, I'm now a hoochie mama). I just picked the arm scab here in the coffee house, then smeared the blood a little across my arm before wiping it away and letting it bead up again. SO SATISFYING.
Probably the best part is that I'm doing this while dressed in my fanciest of fancy digs for a presentation later this afternoon.

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