Tuesday, May 03, 2005

dispatch - open up

oh sad. my highlight of the day isn't rj this time. (don't feel sad, i thought fighting over the radio was simply great fun!) it's way geeky, i'm almost embarassed to talk about it. .... rowe's. first of all, rowe is just fantastic! i was going through her music collection on her computer, and it's fun generic funky stuff. she let us listen to jack johnson for the whole class period! oh, heart! and most of the class period was spent talking about colleges, where people are going and which professors to avoid or hunt down. plus her imitation of alan was absolutely priceless.

i really want to clean my room. it's trashed. i want to clean my room and fold my laundry and just... get all this clutter organized. plus i want my wsi class to be done. just 20 more days! (the perfect birthday present, i think.)

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