Monday, May 16, 2005

the go! team - get it together

so. after a fantastic weekend of fun and hijinks with the greatest people on earth, i came home to the federal way shithole. don't get me wrong, i used to like federal way a little bit. after spending so much time with the close-knit beach kids, bonding and goofing off and basically realizing it's possible for friends to actually like each other, i even came back kind of hopeful. thinking maybe i'll give the kids another shot.

dumb move on my part. i know. turns out these friends i've had for the last two years took my book out of jeff's trunk, ran over it with a car, took a shovel to it, and pissed on it. jeff, jaryd, good one. nice to know what kind of people they really are. it hurts like hell to find out that they would do that kind of immature shit, especially after i told him how i'd feel if he did... really, what did jeff think he was going to prove? that he's got serious problems? i knew that already. this just shows that he's more fucked up than i thought. but hey. on the plus side, i can kick him in the ass now and not feel bad about it. and i've saved myself a lot of wasted time. now i can break loose from them completely, tell them what i honestly think of them, and not feel bad about it at all. so yeah, it sucks that my brother's book got destroyed by senseless vandalism, but it's also helped me figure out who the important people in my life are. tuey called me up and expressed her sympathy (and that is way too nice of an expression for what she really said), and rj and i had a slumber party with video games and silly movies. thanks you two.

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