Friday, May 06, 2005

the go! team - huddle formation

what a failure! i'd been planning for months to give this presentation to merkle's class. we had to reschedule, i had to beg my OSC instructors to let me keep the dvd a little longer... and on the big day of the presentation (there were two of them, actually) i slept straight through my alarm and my mom trying to wake me up.

'course, i woke up at noon and freaked, drove hell-bent to school and apologized to merkle. she was pretty understanding. after all, stepping on a rusty nail and being in the emergency room until 4 am makes people a little more forgiving.

so i've got this cool hard-sole shoe with velcro, plus lots of painkillers. and the gimp card. once rj sends me the pictures, i'll put those up here, too. (he was there with me the whole time. duh. you shouldn't even have to ask anymore.)

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