Monday, May 02, 2005

eve 6 - promise

ohh nooo~!!!!

i'm feeling the pull of a social life again. ahh, what will i do?? probably nothing, but i need some crazy stories and soon. oh so i guess i found my prom dates! bobby is taking me to the ilwaco prom, tommy is taking me to the decatur one. and none of you know those boys, even if you do know the names! it will be a grand blast, if i can keep up this happy social mood instead of sinking back into the "blah i hate everyone except for these three people" mood that i've been in for the last week.

i suppose i can heart william for changing my mind. we only hung out for about 3 hours - saw a movie and got burger express, then he had to drive home. but his stories of road-tripping inspired me to have fun again. not that i've done that yet. i've been completely antisocial all day. but tomorrow is tuesday! my "day off"! i'll see jamie and ryan after work, and maybe rj or tuey or even tommy before.

oh okay, i'll admit it. myspace got to me again. i was looking at elaina's and i feel sad. i go out every night and run amok but emotionally, i'm dead. i'm not in love, i'm not aching for love, i'm not being shunned by my friends. nope, i'm just spending all my free time chatting with a nice boy who likes to explore the woods at night. and throw bouncie balls at my head while i'm driving. rj's a great kid, but how will i ever meet the love of my life if i give into my antisocial behavior and never see anyone but him?? so i've decided to try and get out there more. call up william when i have days off, and go crazy wild down at elaina's on prom weekend. and when this month of wsi training is up... yeah honestly i'll probably just start working out again and keep reading and not change my habits at all.

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