Saturday, May 28, 2005

m.i.a. - galang

so today, the people from work called and begged me to come in because someone hadn't shown up. i told them, "no way, crazy! i'm going to seattle in a few hours!" so they backed off and let me go. then, two hours later, when i should've been enjoying myself on the road to folklife, i got stood up by tuey. i'm mad, tuey! but it's okay, because my mother took me shopping instead. she bought me a pretty rich girl's flowery shirt from ann taylor, and a cheap $6 roxy tank top from ross. the best of both worlds. new sunglasses, too, plus the usual five-finger discounted items. another rich girl's shirt, another roxy tanktop, and visine.

as for the 18th year kidnapping plan, that's set back until next weekend. david's helping a friend move in and i'm tired, plus i might have allergy-induced pink eye.

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